20 August 2019 at “Cangon” Dungog

President Janie welcomed all members and guests and presented apologies from Vice President Penny.
Safety Officer Robert cautioned us all to be aware of the steps in the garden and to take care with chairs on the sloping lawn.
Janie introduced owner of ‘Cangon’, Jenny McKay, who runs the property with her son. Jenny told us that the McKay family first came to ‘Cangon’ in 1838 and farmed dairy and beef cattle originally. The house and outbuildings have been built over time with the earliest buildings being built of random stone. The main home was built with bricks made on the property and it has been occupied by five generations of the family. Jenny and her late husband settled there about 40 years ago and there was virtually no garden, apart from the old established trees, including Bunya Pines, so they set about developing it bit by bit. The current features of the garden are the established trees, and different levels of lawn defined by box hedges and linked by low wide steps. Camellias are planted along the southern and eastern sides of the house, with the beds contained by English box. Also on the eastern side of the house is a recently installed fountain that is defined by paving and clipped box hedging. A courtyard on the northern side of the house is brick paved and protected by outbuildings and planted with shrubs and perennials. Jenny has also recently established a generously planted rose garden.
Janie thanked Jenny for hosting us and presented her with some Tar10 products as a token of our appreciation.

Q and A
Q – Janie has lichen on trees – looking for method of removal
A – A lot of people actually like lichen! Try using a brush. Note from Penny – leave the lichen alone!
Q – Mature conifer hedge has brown patches.
A – 2 conifers in pots – dead leaves on side facing wall
A – Could be the heat from the wall and/or lack of sun. Try positioning where pot receives sun all round.
Q – Barbara Horn – would like to use predatory insects for aphids etc.
A – Try “Bugs for Bugs” Toowoomba Q. ph.: 07 4646 2628 or https://bugsforbugs.com.au/product/lacewing/
Q – Avrina would like a Styrax japonica. Let her know details.

Citrus – Fertilise and mulch now, and lime soil if necessary. Check for gall wasp and cut out – burn or place in plastic bag in sun to kill. (If there are holes in the galls, the insects have gone already!) Cut out any dead wood and if necessary, trees can be pruned hard to keep fruit within reach. Spray scale with pest oil (not when temperature is above 25deg) and scrub scale off trunk and branches with a brush. Water deeply and regularly in dry weather – citrus do not like uneven watering.
Shirley uses 2 drops Dettol in water for white scale.
Roses – Water regularly in this dry weather and avoid water on leaves. Try not to water in the evening as moisture on warm evenings encourages fungus disease.
Notes from Barbara: “Managing Roses in Drought Conditions” will be posted on the website shortly
September Meeting will be at the Erby garden near Dungog

Notices – remember to regularly check Bits and Pieces on the Paterson Allyn Garden Group

Friendship Day – invitation to garden clubs, from GCA Hunter Zone, to Hunter Region Botanic Gardens on 23 September from 9.30am. $20 for morning tea and lunch, plus parking fee. Numbers and money to Janie at September meeting so we can organise car sharing for anyone interested.
Spice trade tour to India – for garden club members – details on website.
Dungog Garden Ramble – 26 October 9am -4pm. 8 gardens, $5 per garden or $25 for all. They would like some volunteers to help out with a new initiative called “Garden Aid” which helps less able people to maintain their gardens – email pagardengroup@gmail.com and it will be forwarded on to Avrina.
Lake Macquarie Garden and Art Trail – 12-13 October 10am-4pm. Proceeds to Hunter Regional Medical Institute. See Facebook.
Mudgee Bus Trip – 19/20 October – all details in hand.
October meeting – we have 2 possible guest speakers  on alternatives to Roundup and also how to encourage bees.

Photos: MarkW and Janie

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