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Garden Visits 2020

17 March:          The Bath House Garden     Oakhampton Heights   Cost $10

21 April:             Frances and Kevin Dunn    Cooranbong

19 May:               Gail and Paul Wright           Vacy

16 June:              Jan Ellison                                Lorn

21 July:               Pip Wilson                                Main Creek – Pruning Lesson

18 August:         TBC

15 Sept:              Jan Booth/Relma Adlam         Paterson

20 Oct:               Geoff Hicks                                East Maitland

17 Nov:             Chris and Mark Walker           Paterson

8 Dec:              TBC

Locations can be subject to change. Venue confirmation will be advised a week prior to meeting. Cancellations will be via email before 8 am on the date of the meeting.

Committee 2019
President: Jane Chandler
Vice President: Penny Kater
Treasurer: Lisa Connors
Minutes Secretary: Jenny Creal
Assist. Minutes Secretary: Carolyn Addison
Secretary and Information Officer: Liz Jones
Safety Officer: Robert Smith
Venue coordinators: Barbara Burnett, Steve Crockett, Rosalie McCormack,
Morning Tea Coordinators: Mark and Chris Walker